Monday, September 29, 2008

Who's your favorite designer?

Have a favorite designer? Whether it is a shoe, purse, or clothing designer, which designer do you like best? I definitely have a favorite that’s for sure. I’m really into designer purses and accessories. I am in love with Coach! I absolutely love anything and everything from this wonderful designer. Coach, a New York family owned company, was founded in 1941 and was inspired by the ever so popular, baseball glove. The content of the leather glove is what inspired this well known designer. Coach bags were made out of real glove tanned cowhide. Who would have thought?
Coach has such a wide variety of different styles for everything in their collections. Coach has numerous accessories including handbags, business cases, weekend and travel accessories, footwear, watches, outerwear, gloves, sunwear, scarves, jewelry, fragrances, and other accessories as well. Within each of their collections of different accessories there are several different types, styles, and colors for each item. Take handbags for example. Coach has 14 different handbag collections with different colors and styles or each handbag per collection. That’s a lot of handbags if you ask me. Coach also has different types of footwear too. I have an adorable pair brown tennis shoes and my best friend has a pair of flats. I’ve seen different styles of heels and flip flops and of course… rain boots! Walking on campus I’ve seen several girls carrying Coach Umbrellas on a rainy day. Coach also has accessories for men as well. You men out there can buy a Coach Wallet, belt, card case, or travel accessory.
Yes, as you all know, with every designer… there’s price tag. And unfortunately some of these things coach has to offer can get really expensive. Coach handbags usually range from $128-$6,000. There are other accessories like wristlets or wallets that are much cheaper that a handbag. Wristlets usually range from $48-$258. The Coach Footwear prices are easily compared to a good nice pair of Nike tennis shoes. The price for footwear ranges from $88-$598. But I personally wait till any of these items go on sale before I purchase them. I have also shopped at a Coach Outlet store and found that those prices are much, much cheaper than from an original Coach store.
Coach has become one of my very favorite designers. I have purchased several items from Coach like a purse, a pair of tennis shoes, rain boots, and a key chain. I hope those of you who don’t know designer brands yet will find the same love for Coach as I do. “Coach has become a shopping destination for fashion-minded shoppers around the globe.”

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