Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wanna look your best...

Well now is the time! Over the past few weeks you have been informed on the latest trends to make you look best. But with so many selections to choose from, it’s hard to stick with one and still bring out your personality! To help with that I found an article from Ok magazine in the latest issues. One of the well known stylist's - Tim Gunn has given five tips on how you can make your wardrobe look fabulous by finding what suits you. It is important to look like you as anything you do or wear makes a statement to others on what you like best.

One of the first tips is to dress according to the occasion. Although this sounds really dumb it’s something that every person makes a mistake on at some point in time! College students run into this problem every time. As there is so much to do during a given day, it’s crucial to dress accordingly. Students love to wear sweatpants and shirts to class but that is not an acceptable dress for a job fair/interview. To make sure that you go to class not dressed up, wearing a nice dark colored or khaki pant is the way to go. You can co-ordinate that with a plain colored blouse or a nice solid/slightly patterned sweater. This outfit known as “business formal” is pleasing to the employee’s eyes and it doesn’t really set you apart in you Chemistry lecture! If you to go for a party soon after a class, try to wear a simple yet elegant dress that allows you to be comfortable in class. You can dress you outfit with accessories on the way to the party!

Don't be a sales junkie! 15% - 50% off on everything…early bird sale ends at noon today…although they statements capture our eyes, it’s not sensible to buy something that doesn’t work well with your body for a lesser price. I’ve run into the problem so many times. There are times when I do get lovely clothing and accessories for an affordable price but there are other times when I do an “impulse purchase” and then regret that I wasted $30.00 on a dress that doesn’t fit me. Try to make sure you’re purchase is something that you would wear. If it’s not then invest on something that you’ll wear often…that you be worth the price you pay!

Invest in the little bright dress (LBD)…this is something that I need to heed to. I love black dresses. For any event I try to go with black because it is so elegant. But guess what “black = boring”. You may not like this very much and neither did I when I first came across this! But it does make a point…it’s important to have dresses in different colors and not be like you are gothic! Go to a shop and pick out colors that you like…then choose brighter tones of the same color. By doing this you not only have something that fits well in your wardrobe but also something that makes you different and unique from others.

Transform yourself. Change is something that no one likes. Although it may sound interesting and exciting at first, it wears off when you start facing reality! You may be a person who prefers darker clothing but try something new by getting a pink outfit instead of a red. If you think that you are going to mess up while picking something that you usually don’t wear, call your friends/family and ask their input on what looks best on you. This will build up your confidence!

Rework your wardrobe…finally. With all that’s said above, its important to make some changes to your boring wardrobe. Check out these collections and decide if you want to have some - Forever 21 has a comfy top that can be worn to chemistry labs or to a job interview. How about the bright aqua dress from Bergners which is on sale (and not a junk) that you can wear to the near party? Victoria's secret has some wonderful dress collections that you can wear anywhere!
With all this is mind...now is the time for you to show the world who you are...!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Who's your favorite designer?

Have a favorite designer? Whether it is a shoe, purse, or clothing designer, which designer do you like best? I definitely have a favorite that’s for sure. I’m really into designer purses and accessories. I am in love with Coach! I absolutely love anything and everything from this wonderful designer. Coach, a New York family owned company, was founded in 1941 and was inspired by the ever so popular, baseball glove. The content of the leather glove is what inspired this well known designer. Coach bags were made out of real glove tanned cowhide. Who would have thought?
Coach has such a wide variety of different styles for everything in their collections. Coach has numerous accessories including handbags, business cases, weekend and travel accessories, footwear, watches, outerwear, gloves, sunwear, scarves, jewelry, fragrances, and other accessories as well. Within each of their collections of different accessories there are several different types, styles, and colors for each item. Take handbags for example. Coach has 14 different handbag collections with different colors and styles or each handbag per collection. That’s a lot of handbags if you ask me. Coach also has different types of footwear too. I have an adorable pair brown tennis shoes and my best friend has a pair of flats. I’ve seen different styles of heels and flip flops and of course… rain boots! Walking on campus I’ve seen several girls carrying Coach Umbrellas on a rainy day. Coach also has accessories for men as well. You men out there can buy a Coach Wallet, belt, card case, or travel accessory.
Yes, as you all know, with every designer… there’s price tag. And unfortunately some of these things coach has to offer can get really expensive. Coach handbags usually range from $128-$6,000. There are other accessories like wristlets or wallets that are much cheaper that a handbag. Wristlets usually range from $48-$258. The Coach Footwear prices are easily compared to a good nice pair of Nike tennis shoes. The price for footwear ranges from $88-$598. But I personally wait till any of these items go on sale before I purchase them. I have also shopped at a Coach Outlet store and found that those prices are much, much cheaper than from an original Coach store.
Coach has become one of my very favorite designers. I have purchased several items from Coach like a purse, a pair of tennis shoes, rain boots, and a key chain. I hope those of you who don’t know designer brands yet will find the same love for Coach as I do. “Coach has become a shopping destination for fashion-minded shoppers around the globe.”

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Polka dot, Argyle, Plaid...OH MY!

Patterns are everywhere and on everything! From sweaters and vests, to scarves and bags. What more can we say about patterns, they are fun and they definitely add style to a "blah" outfit. Around campus I see a lot of plaid and argyle on sweaters and book bags. I myself have an argyle sweater that I bought about 3 years ago that I can finally pull out of my closet and wear this fall! You mostly find argyle on knit sweaters or scarves, and they come in all colors. You name any color and they will have it in argyle! Another pattern that we use to see all the time on mini skirts was plaid!

Plaid is back and not only on school uniforms! Plaid has moved from being on skirts to patterns on bags and fall jackets. Plaid is a pattern you have to be careful with though, it is not always the most flattering thing to wear. But don't worry I have done some research and have found some clothing stores you can find some very cute plaid jackets. One store that just received new arrivals was Forever 21. If you don't have a Forever 21 near you, you can always go to Macy's Junior Section they have all types of plaid for only $30.   If you are into designer names Burberry is the way to go! They have their signature plaid and you can't go wrong with that.

The last pattern you are seeing everywhere is polka dots.  Polka dots on dresses, especially in black and white, will be seen mostly on dresses.  And to draw more attention to your outfit, there are different artful variations that could work.  For example, buying dresses with ruffles, bows with a bright color, or finish it off with a belt.  Forever 21 has polka dresses for $22 what a bargain! 

Now girls go out and don't be afraid to get yourselves a little patterned outfits.  New fashion trends next time...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who would have thought...

Remember when your mom dresses you in all kinds of ruffles. A pink ruffled skirt with a white ruffled top and who could forget those lovely ruffled socks. Well who would have thought… ruffles are back! This year’s fall fashion includes the ever so elegant ruffles. Designers all over the world are incorporating ruffles to all their new looks. Ruffles are being worn as simple as on a light blouse under a unique blazer or even as decorative as big ruffles on long even gowns. I think ruffles can be perfect for some outfits but others I think ruffles can be a little too much. That’s just my opinion of course. I personally don’t own any outfits that have ruffles but I have a feeling that they’ll begin to grow on me. Especially since they are a new fall fashion this year. I think only certain people can wear ruffles. I just don’t think all girls would look good wearing ruffles. I feel like the girls I have seen wearing ruffles already are very tall and thin. The ruffles seem to make a girl’s chest look bustier. So a girl with a big bust to begin with, I don’t think ruffles are the right idea for you. I have also noticed several different types of ruffles. There are some ruffles that are small and close together, not my favorite. And then there are other ruffles that are big and loose. I really like this style. The small, tight ruffles are most likely to be found on skirts and some tops while the big, loose ruffles seem to be found on other tops as well as dresses, both long, evening gowns and short cocktail dresses. Check out some other types and styles of ruffles and see which trend and/or trends you want to start wearing that includes the ever so popular, ruffles.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Floral and spring goes hand in hand right...???

Many people (including me) associate floral patterns with spring. Although it’s not wrong, it’s not something that has to be worn only when flowers are blooming everywhere. In fact, one of the fall trends for this year are floral patterns...on shoes, dresses, skits, etc,.
Floral patterns can be found in different forms and shapes. Many people find it tempting to buy patterns that are appealing to their eyes but doing so has its own consequences!
Here are some tips I found from eHow: there are four things to consider before going for floral patterns – proportion, color, fabric and cut. If one of those four things goes wrong, then…don’t even bother to step outside your house!
Proportion is just as important to a petite person like it is to a giant-like figure. Wearing huge flowers can make a small person even look smaller. The key is to wear smaller soft patterns to make you look taller. Bigger-bodied people are to do the same only this time its to make them look thinner their original figure. Heavy floral patterns should not be worn to hide the extra body fat as it highlights it more.
Color is another important factor. The rule of thumb to use when going for floral is choosing shades that already exist in your closet. This eliminates feeling overwhelmed when looking at the dress. Also, try and to have a good contrast between the floral pattern and the accompanying accessories.
Choosing a fabric can be a big hassle! But it’s important to pay careful attention to the fabric while choosing floral because certain fabrics can make you seem fatter than you are in real life. It’s important to go for lighter materials as they will flatter your figure. Keep in mind that you should avoid thick sweaters no matter how pretty the pattern is!
Choosing the right cut should be followed for all clothing and like others is it especially important for a floral. This is what you should according to eHow to choose the right cut – “As with any article of clothing, make sure that the cut is flattering. Fabric should neither skim too closely to the body nor fall too far from it. Find a becoming intermediate so that the garment doesn’t wrinkle, pucker, or bag in an unappealing manner.”
With these in mind you should be able to find good outfit. Floral’s are worth the time. For more tips check out BeyondJane.com.
Also, you can check out some floral prints from Victoria Secret, Kohl’s, Macy’s and Bergner’s.
Have a flowerful day…

Are you all set…if not let me help you

Yesterday was summer today it is autumn…so are you ready now for some changes that come with fall (not just with the leaves falling and temperature but I mean you and your looks)?

Today, while I was doing my routine of checking out the magazine racks at my dorm after English class, I stumbled upon the latest issue of Ok. As I love reading the latest on celebrities I grabbed the issue quickly and I headed for my room. Soon after I reached my room I started to freak about my math exam that I totally forgot about the magazine…until now when I came across “Top 10 Trends for the Fall”. I was so excited when I looked at pictures and promptly decided that this was to be my topic for this week!

Most of you might have known about some fall trends by viewing my fellow bloggers and my entries. But not all of them were covered so I’ll give a quick overview on what you absolutely need over the next three months.

For all the boot’s lovers…the cutout booties are a big thing for this season. With 7-inch high to platform heels, they are a temptation to everybody! You can find cheap ones at Go Jane or high-end booties at L.A.M.B.

Necklace that are hardly ½ inch are totally out of fashion. “The bigger the better” motto has to be used when purchasing them. You can find any kind from almost all stores for a wide range of prices and styles.

Were you lead to believe that only birds had feathers…well that’s wrong! Because feathers are a big part of what you wear in today’s world. Whether you have some on your shoes, jewelry, headbands or even you’re dress…it adds a fluffy look to a boring/plain outfit. Check out the Feather dress from Mango…and decide if that’s your look for this fall!

One of the things that I already informed you was the fall color…purple. For more insight on Purple trends check out Does Purple go with fall?

Floral, Plaid or Lace…no matter where you place them it creates a stunning look. If you already like the slight touches/patterns to your fabric be sure to look at other outfits/accessories from Nine West, Fred Flare and Macy's. To most of our audience who are college students…go for simple yet elegant looks for the fall that can be worn to lectures or even to an interview. The striped blazer from Tommy Hilfiger not only incorporates the plaid pattern but also gives the “can be worn at anytime & anywhere” look.

Another trend for the fall is something that all of you might have looked at sometime. It’s a handbag…well not just a handbag (cause that would be dumb) but a chain handbag. If you like to go with an a-frame or a tote like bag with sparkling jewels or just plain solid colors…be sure to add the chain links. Cause that upgrades your bag to a new level!

Last but not the least…something we all know and love and are sure to have at least one in the closet…stilettos! Yep, they are in fashion now (like they have never been…duh). Be sure to show off your old stilettos or new ones that look like the ones at Yves Saint Laurent.

With all these options for fall…you must be craving to buy something new. So I’m not going to put you off any longer…ENJOY your “Christmas in fall” shopping (just kidding…save some $$$ for Christmas as we’ll give you more shopping info)!

More on Fashion trends…

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding this weekend... What do I wear?

I have a wedding to attend this Saturday evening and I have no idea what to wear. I’m sure I’m not the only college girl who has this problem too. With a limited budget and very little time to go shopping, what in the world do I wear to a wedding at the end of September? Do I wear a dress? What color should it be? Or can I wear dress pants? But then what top do I wear? Oh what a problem I have. Being in this rut, I looked up some tips on about.com about “Wedding Guest Attire.” Here are a few tips on what to wear for females. I didn’t know there were certain things to wear depending on the time of the wedding.

Wedding Guest Style for Her
· Informal Daytime: Short dress or suit (business attire OK for morning weddings)
· Informal Evening: Cocktail dress
· Semi-Formal Daytime: Short dress or suit
· Semi-formal Evening: Cocktail dress
· Formal Daytime: Short dress or suit. Hats and gloves optional.
· Formal Evening or Black-Tie: Long or dressy short cocktail (beading, glam accessories, wrap)
· Ultra-formal or White Tie: Long gown, extra glitz (furs, diamonds, etc.)

And yes, those men out there asking the same questions, here are several tips for you as well.

Wedding Style for Him
· Informal Daytime: Dress shirt and pants, preferably a sports jacket.
· Informal Evening: Suit
· Semi-Formal Daytime: Suit
· Semi-Formal Evening: Dark suit
· Formal Daytime: Dark suit and tie
· Formal Evening: Tuxedo (if invitation states "black tie") or dark suits if women wear short dresses.
· Ultra-formal Evening or White Tie: White tie, cummerbund or vest and shirt.

Now that I have it narrowed down to what type of outfit to wear depending on the time of the wedding, I just have to find the right one. But I still have more questions as I’m sure many of you do too. What colors do I wear? And I don’t want to stand out in the crowd, is my dress appropriate? Luckily, About.com had some dos and don’ts for wedding attire as well.

Do's and Don'ts for Her
· Don't wear white because it competes with the bride. There are plenty of other colors available.
· Don't wear black or sequins during the daytime.
· Don't worry about wearing the same colors as the bridesmaids or mothers. You can't possibly coordinate with everyone in the wedding party.
· Do wear something feminine and appropriate, out of respect for your hosts. Clubwear, overtly sexy clothing (strapless, see-through, etc) doesn't belong at a wedding. If you have to ask if it's appropriate, it probably isn't.
· Don't wear opera-length gloves (to top of arm) with anything but sleeveless or strapless gowns.
· Do take off gloves to eat or drink.
· Do use good judgment if the invitation doesn't specify the formality of the event. A pastel suit or soft floral dress for daytime or a little black dress for evening (after 6 p.m.) will take you almost anywhere.

Calling all men!! Here are some dos and don’ts for you too!

Do's and Don'ts for Him
· Don't try to get cute with a tuxedo. A black tux with white shirt and black bow tie is the best way to go. If "Creative Black Tie" or "Texas Formal" or some sort of other vague formal description is used, then going with a tux and black shirt, no tie, might be acceptable. Also, trendier cities like Los Angeles and New York might be more accepting of breaking with tradition.
· Do wear a dark suit, with a tie if the wedding is after 6 PM, and doesn't say "Black Tie."
· Don't wear a tuxedo during the day time, regardless of the formality of the event.
· Do use good judgment if the invitation doesn't specify the formality of the event. A dark suit and conservative tie will take you just about anywhere.

So now I can honestly say that I have a better idea on what to wear to a wedding. Hope I pick the right outfit for this weekend. If you have any more tips, please feel free to let me know. Thanks!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ahhh...Yay for sweatpants

“Sweatpants are an informal variety of trousers intended for comfort or athletic purposes,” according to wikipedia.com. I cannot name a single person I know who doesn’t like to wear sweatpants. This is something you can honestly say “but everyone is doing it.” From young girls and boys to college students to older men and women, they all own at least one pair of sweatpants. Though some of you may not know this but there are different types of sweatpants. I personally thought sweatpants were just sweatpants and that’s it, but no. There are fashion pants, wind-pants, tear-away pants, and muscle pants. I mean who would have thought. Fashion pants are unlike your typical sweatpants, thus lacking the elastic around the ankle. Many girl’s or women’s brands carry this type of sweatpants. This in all seriousness is my favorite type. Another type of sweatpants is called wind pants or wind breakers. These pants are designed to shield the person from cold wind rather than insulate them from the cold weather. Many of you may recognize wind pants by the awful and annoying “swooshing” sound they make when you walk. Tear-away pants are similar to wind pants in the fact that they are not made to keep you warm. Tear-away pants are most known for their snaps that run along the entire side of the leg. Basketball players are most known for wearing tear-away pants. Muscle pants are the most regular type of sweatpants, made of thin cotton. “Muscle pants are often characterized by wild patterns and sometimes flamboyant designs,” says Wikipedia.com. One major plus about sweatpants is that you can find a good pair just about anywhere. You can get a cheap pair at Walmart or a name brand pair at Hollister. Sweatpants are easy to find and everybody wears them. If you need a comfy day… sweatpants are the way to go.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wanna get a job???

Then your dress has a part in it too!

It’s time for some serious interviews for internships, co-ops and full time jobs with the Industrial Roundtable (Job Fair) just being over. Most of you who did attend the job fair would have already made the first impression on the recruiter because you made it thus far. Others, who did not attend the fair (or any other job fair for that matter), will eventually end up for an interview either at McDonalds or at Exon Mobile if you choose not to live in your parent’s basement in the near future! To get a job at either of those locations (or elsewhere) you will be asked to dress in a business-like manner.

As most of you are aware by now there are two ways you can dress to be business-like: business casual or business formal. Usually the company specifies which way they prefer…but if you go a job fair without knowing what company you want to work for, you would not know what to wear. At the industrial roundtable last week I saw some people (mostly the innocent freshmen) dressed like they just finished their 30min hike while others looked like they were getting ready to be in a wedding party! Very rarely did I see people dressed like they ought to. Business casuals don’t mean that you can wear your workout clothes, sweatpants, sweatshirts or the like. It means that guys ought to wear long-sleeved shirts with khakis/dark pants and girls are to wear dark pants/skirts with a simple solid colored/mild patterned blouse. Business formal clothing are not about being flashy or fancy, instead it’s wearing a dark colored suit with a light colored shirt/blouse and a nice pant/skirt. If you are attending a job fair where you don’t know which company would want, stick to light colored shirts and a dark colored pant/skirt that would not set up apart.

College Grad.com tells that when in doubt about proper attire, call the human resource division and ask them “I have an interview with _____ in the _____ department for a position as an _____. Could you please tell me what would be appropriate dress for this interview?” And also, they mention that “Campus fashions and work fashions are two different worlds”. With that in mind, be sure to read some more tips from How to Dress before your next interview!

Although most of us would love to have designer attire, we just can’t afford it with a tight college budget. That doesn’t mean that we cannot have a trendy wardrobe. Check out shops such as Kohls, Victoria Secret, Old Navy, and Gap that have excellent business wear collections for affordable prices.

Don’t give your dream job employee an excuse to turn you down…

More on fashion tips…

Autumn Hues

Don’t know what colors to wear this fall? Well neither did I, until I read the Fall Trends from InStyle.com. This fall Mother Nature plays a big role in our fall fashion. “Designers have delivered fall wardrobes in the universally flattering tones that surround us at this time of year,” says InStyle.com. New York Fashion Designers also reveal that this fall’s fashion colors include cooler blues, greens, and purples in their top five pick for fall colors. They also state that in addition to these that warm reds, oranges and yellows have been used in their new fall designs. "Fall is traditionally a time for subdued, quiet colors, but this season we are seeing a shift toward cool hues with bright, exciting undertones," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "Conventional tones such as warm autumn hues, chocolate browns and steel grays are also among the fall color choices. Blue and purple tones have become staples, as illustrated by Blue Iris, one of the top 10 colors chosen by designers this season, and Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2008." I’ve seen a lot of clothing that I would say is a soft gold color. This color goes very well with navy blue. I see this soft gold color to become very popular on college campuses. Another color that I’ve been noticing is several different shades of magenta. I personally love this color. So people may think that magenta is too bright for the fall but I disagree. Though most fall colors are duller, I find magenta to be perfect for this fall. Magenta can be worn very well with black to give a sophisticated, yet young and fun look to your wardrobe. Peach is another color that is beginning to make its way this fall. Try a peach skirt for an elegant fall outfit. Chances are it’ll make you look a lot older. Here are a few tips from InStyle.com on how to wear these autumn hues, “Though nature lays one color atop another, these clothes have maximum impact when worn monochromatically. No need to pile on the accessories with these quietly luxe pieces. Need convincing? Look closely at the impeccable details.” Take advantage of these colors being around you every day. Nature and fashion have a lot in common this season. You can find clothing in these colors at all of your clothing stores. Check out Old Navy, Gap, and Kohls. You never know what beautiful autumn hues you’ll see girls wearing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

"I LOVE SHOES" trend is back...

And guess why...b'coz its getting cold outside (duh)!!! With the autumn temperatures nearing freezing everyday and snow just around the corner, most people would have started to wonder if they still want to that cute high-heeled shoes they bought for prom or the comfy flip-flops. Neither of them would not work when its cold with ice/snow puddles because they expose your feet to the harsh winds that would eventually numb your feet.

To protect yourself from them, you would probably have some walking/running shoes to replace your beloved flip-flops and boots to replace your prom shoes. With new fashions coming every second...you'll definetely want to update your shoes closet with something thats close to this years trend.

One of the biggest comebacks are fringes on boots for fall 08! The native-american looking boots not only look cool but also comfy. Piperlime has a varierty of them from about $40.00 to $310.00. Also, the variety of styles, colors and heel lengths can statisfy almost anyone!

For those of you who love to just slip on shoes rather than take the time to zip-up a boot, try the Rocket Dog's - Suede Clog from Victoria's Secret for $59.00. This shoes has a shearling lining that keeps your foot warm. Also, the rubber sole & platform heels gives a good against any surface.

Dying to wear heels? Check out the Euro Soft shoes from Shoe Carnival. The ebony-like finish not only gives a trendy look but also an expensive look sure too get ahhs & ohhs...for only $49.99 you can wear it with any outfit from jeans to an evening gown!

Others, who have to attend a formal event can buy the Mudd Slam Ankle Boots from Kohls for $44.00. The boot can be used in any weather condition as it has faux-leather upper with a sturdy sole. This can be your best friend for years to come.

College students who are especially looking for something comfortable and practical should consider College Fashion.net's advice on flats..."If you don’t own a pair of flats yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! Flats are perfect for college girls because they are comfortable, affordable, and versatile. They’re completely ideal for walking to class in a hurry, or wearing to a party instead of heels. They’re also cheap enough that you can usually afford to own a bunch of different pairs, if you have a case of fashion indecision. My favorite thing about flats is that they’re so stylish. Unlike a pair of athletic sneakers or UGG boots, ballet flats are great looking, and add an instant chicness to any outfit. Because of this, they’re appropriate for both dressy and casual situations, which is so nice to have in a shoe." Also, check out there website for some awesome looking - college budget flats.

Have a blast shopping for shoes this fall...I know I will!!!

More on trends...

They're Back...

Yes, that’s right. Those leggings girls wore in the 80’s are back and making a huge fashion statement. Is it beginning to get cold outside? Throw some leggings on with that denim skirt you put on this morning. Still want to wear your favorite summer dress this fall? Again, a pair of leggings underneath will sure do the trick. Not only will leggings keep you warm on a brisk autumn morning but you also don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable in those tights or panty hose or let alone getting a run in them. And who likes to be boring? Don’t just add black leggings to a denim skirt, go for the gold and put on striped ones instead. Or wear a pair under a plaid or pleated skirt. And who said you only wear leggings with skirts? Have a comfy day and wear a pair with a big sweatshirt. Don’t hesitate to buy some of those crazy, colorful leggings you see at the mall. Pick up a pair of hot pink leopard leggings and find a cute top to go with them. I mean who doesn’t have a crazy side to them you know? Even the designer brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, and Chloe are having their runway models add a stylish pair of leggings to their runway walk. Unfortunately back in the 80’s name brand leggings were much cheaper than they are now. Those same pair of leggings you could have bought in the 80’s for $15 will now cost you around $50-$100. But if you’re just look for a simple pair you can find them for about $12.50. Check out some fun and crazy leggings like those leopard pair or neon colored ones at Wet Seal. But if you don’t have a Wet Seal nearby, stop at Target and get your original black or brown for only $9.99. And of course, get your designer Dolce & Gabbana pair for $165. So get back into the 80’s and get yourself some leggings!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall Fashion: High-Waisted Jeans...

You are probably thinking to yourselves; high-waisted jeans are back?  Weren't they trends in the 80s?  Well they are back and just in time for the fall!  I have seen a lot of teenage girls walking around campus in these jeans.  They could be worn very casual with just a T-shirt, or they could be worn out with one of your new purple tops you are buying to keep up with all the fall trends.  I have a couple of friends even starting to wear these jeans, they are a trend people aren't sure if it will be staying in style.  Don't worry, this trend is definitely staying for the fall!  I was shopping at Macy's and saw so many high-waisted jeans for only $35!  I can't wait to go back home so I can buy myself a pair of these jeans!  I was looking at Forever 21's website again and if you like shopping there you can find yourself jeans there for only $29, good deal.  These jeans come in many different styles like; with or without pockets, decorative buttons or just zipper.  And then they come in a really dark shade of blue, looking almost black, to light blue.  I hope my fashion trends are helping.  Don't worry I will keep my eye open for any more new fall trends...

Make a statement in the fall...

This fall is coming so fast, it's time to start shopping for some fashionable, more trendy items.  Every teenage girl needs a cute coat to wear out when it gets cold.  Why not make a statement while wearing one?  I was looking at some clothing websites and I spotted some cheap but fashionable coats at Forever 21.  Some of them have bold with wide arms and big collars.  And others have belted waists.  The good thing about these coats is that they keep you warm in the fall, but also keep you looking fabulous at the same time. There was a coat I got for only $28 at Forever 21.  It is a neutral color, so it could be worn with anything.  I love it! I can't wait for it to get cooler so I can start wearing it again.  The best thing about these coats is that they can be worn out to dinner or just out shopping with your girl friends.  If you don't shop at Forever 21 you can always go to Charlotte Russe and find coats there for the same price, only $30.  Now girls go out and buy yourselves some trendy new coats and so you can make a statement when you go out in the fall.  More fashion trends next time...

Don't have a belt...

Well its time to buy one. As you might have noticed around the campus and elsewhere, belts seem to be dominating. Any outfit that you chose to wear gets upgraded by a simple solid belt or something fashionable.
Just a few months back, I bought a black shirt to go along with a tan/black patterned skirt. The shirt did not go very well with the skirt as it was very plain. To make it look a little bit better, I added a black, medium sized belt. The result I got was stunning. The look didn’t cost me much but people would have assumed it did!
Here are some tips: If you have a long shirt that begs for attention try to add a belt. If you love wearing jewelry, try to match the buckle with the jewelry. If you just don’t think you are creative, try buying outfits which have belts.
At JC Penny, you can find the Bisou Bisou® Belted Shirred Top ($21.99) with a black medium sized belt. The belt makes a bold statement by bring attention to the waist. This can go with a formal pant or with jeans while giving you a comfy feeling. . For all those who want to continue wearing dresses during the cold weather, you can check out the Beige Elastic Belt Dresses - $175.00 from eDressme NewYork. This dress can be worn with tights when it is cold or just by itself. The belts again make a bold statement and try to co-ordinate the belt & shoe color. It makes you look a lot more elegant! As winter is just around the corner, you might be planning to buy new jackets. There are a lot of designer jackets with beautiful belts in the market but would not be ideal for people with a tight budget. To overcome this problem and still have a belted jacket, look at the Safari Jacket from Forever 21s. It costs only $24.00 but still has a stylish look. The belt not only livens up the look but also keeps you snug amidst those harsh winds. And for all of you that are looking for some business casual looks, check out the Alfani Belted Scoop-Neck Sheath Dress - $109.00 from Macy’s (you are sure to get a job offer in that).
Well with all these options, you must be busy deciding on what type of belted clothing you want to buy. But keep in mind that you might have to follow these rules from Noubikko before making you're decision:
- Wear belts, both wide and narrow, only if your figure allows.
- Decorative buckles are good (glitz or detail to belts) only if you have a small waist
- If you're short-waisted, large belts will make you look ever shorter.
- Match your belt color to your top it you're short-waisted.
- Match your belt color to your bottom if you're long-waisted.
- Note: Shirt over belt can hide a thick or short waist. It creates a good silhouette of your body and can make an outfit flow in your waist.
And remeber what the experts from Noubikko have to say about the belts, "Belts can transform your outfit into a flattering ensemble. The accent of a belt sometimes acts as a focal point of an outfit. Belt can carry you through the four seasons."
Have fun with belts...until next time...

Does purple go with fall???

Apparently yes! I have always associated fall favorites to be yellow, orange, red and gold but never purple. The latest comeback in fashion is jewel tones among which purple is the biggie.
Over the past few days I’ve been trying to find lovely purple clothing and accessories. Little did I know that I would run into a problem…it was not finding few good purple collections but having to select from a million! I should have realized this problem long before I started to search the web because I’ve seen so many people on campus, including guys, wearing purple clothing and accessories with different patterns.
About three years back, my dad had got a lovely rectangular frame purple handbag for my mom from one of the stores at Michigan Avenue, Chicago. As it was an expensive bag, my mom used it only during important occasions but I took it along with me once in a while as I loved the simple yet elegant look. To go along with the bag I have found some other collections (that you might be interested in to take a look at). I found a purple Relativity Women's Lantern Sleeve Tunic at
Bergner’s for $34.00. The dress looks comfy and also sophisticated with simple ruffles and frills. This tunic will go well with Kohl’s $89.00 - Sterling Silver Amethyst Boxed Set. With one amethyst stone on a silver chain, the necklace will offer little distraction to the Madison Marcus Heaven Belted Dress from Basic boutique. Although this dress is expensive ($328.00), you can wear it along with Forever 21’s $24.80 - Metallic Twist Peep Toe Stiletto to complete the look. Or you can replace the dress for a Democracy Stretch Satin Dress with Contrast Straps and Waist from Macy’s which is $118.99 and has a similar black belt like the Madison Marcus dress.
With all these options I’m ready for some serious shopping this weekend. Anyways, before you flee to the mall, look at what Samantha Critchell of
Seattlepi has to say, Purple is easier to wear than you think. Fashionistas say dark purple is practically a neutral -- and just about any purple, even a flashy violet, goes with the standby colors of black and gray. Purple also is a color that can be worn boldly on a sweater or coat, or more subtly on a scarf or a shoe -- and still have a noticeable impact.”
Have a wonderful time shopping for Purple collections and don't forget to show them-off to the world. Winter color trends coming up soon....

Fashion for a Rainy Day

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. It sure is a rainy day here on campus and the forecast doesn’t look so good for the rest of the day either. What fashion trends do I wear on a rainy day you may ask… What better a time to get out those RAIN BOOTS! Rain boots are definitely a fashion trend that is coming out for young adult women. I’ve seen so many girls walking around campus in their rain boots already this semester and it’s only rained a couple times. One thing that amazes me is that with all these girls on campus in rain boots, I’ve yet to see two pair the exact same. I’ve seen some plain hot pink ones and I’ve also seen some black with white polka dots too. I was searching rain boots online one day and there are so many different patterns out there. I looked at one website and there were over 100 different pairs of rain boots. Just search the web for rain boots and you’ll find a variety of styles from solid boots to boots with ladybugs on them. I’ve looked at rain boots from Walmart for only $10.00 and I’ve also seen them at various other stores and websites ranging from $10 to $70. So you can pretty much find any type or style of rain boots for any price. I saw Coach rain boots at Macy’s and I just had to have them. They were $80 regular price and I just couldn’t get myself to spend that much money on rain boots. Luckily they went on sale for about $50 and my parents bought them for me for my birthday! They’re so adorable. I was so excited when I woke up this morning and it was raining because I knew I finally got to wear my boots. Ever wonder about the history of rain boots? My mind thinks of random things like that. But according to funkyrainboots.com, the history of rain boots goes something like this…
“Did you realize that Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington started it all? He instructed his shoemaker, Hoby of St. James Street, London, to modify the 18th century boot because fashion was changing and the old boot didn't go with the new fashion. We're talking guys fashion here, by the way.”

If you’re curious, like me, click here to read more about the history of rain boots. Hope you enjoy this rainy Friday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall Fashion: Dresses

Dresses, dresses, dresses. They continue to be a hot fashion trend moving into fall this year. From little black dresses to knit dresses and from dramatic finge to beautiful floral. Even shirt and sweater dresses are becoming a must-have for this years fall fashion. You can find a wide variety of stlyes and colors of the simple knit dress EVERYWHERE. I looked at several new clothing websites and I keep seeing various types of knit dresses for this fall. dELiAs has some of the cutest dresses I've seen. They have numerous casual dresses and a variety of more dressy ones as well. One thing I am starting to see more and more of are sweatshirt dresses. I personally haven't seen girls wearing them quite yet but I know once the colder weather starts rolling in, so will the sweatshirt dresses. And of course, you can never overlook the classy little black dress. Black dresses can never go out of style. You can wear your casual little black dress to class or spice it up and wear it for a girl's night out! Have a dress and it's a little cold outside? Find a pair of leggings to add to your outfit. Leggings are becoming very popular with all kinds of dresses. Especially sweater dresses. Don't forget you can dress up or dress down your out with with the shoes you choose. Going for a dressier look? Add some heels. Or maybe just a more casual look? Flats are the answer for you! I am just in love with all the different styles of dresses to choose from. My favorite... the knit dresses. So casual yet so dressy. I just recently bought an olive green knit dress at Forever 21 a couple weeks ago for just $23. It's absolutely adorable. With dark brown leggings underneath and a pair of dark brown heels or maybe flats. I can't wait to wear it! And for those of you a little more on the high-end of fashion check out BCBG for some very cute day dresses and cocktail dresses as well. More Fall Fashion Trends to come...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Fashion: Turtleneck Sweaters

This fall's fashion is becoming more evident as we become closer and closer to the changing leaves and the blue skies of typical fall weather. I've noticed many different styles and trends as I've looked in several teen stores in the mall. One fashion trend that has really caught my eye is the turtleneck sweater. I've seen these in several stores I've been too like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Wet Seal. I think turtleneck sweaters are very classy. Very business-like. Not only will these sweaters make you look fabulous but they will also keep you nice and warm on that cool September morning. These sweaters don't have to be expensive either. Yes, of course you can get your designer brand sweater for $268 from Juicy Couture or a cheaper sweater for $39 at Victoria's Secret.I personally like the new image of turtleneck sweaters. I really like the classy look more girls are starting to wear. I think I'm going to go but myself a classy turtleneck sweater next time I'm at the mall.

Here are some reasons why turtlenecks have become so classic according to http://www.fashion.about.com/:

  • "The turtleneck brings your face into focus.

  • A mock turtleneck is a good option if you don't like the bulk of a true turtleneck (it's the same height, only the fabric doesn't fold back over).

  • Stick with cozy, touchable materials for your turtleneck sweater because anything itchy or scratchy is unbearable on your sensitive neck area.

  • The black turtleneck is the ultimate classic because it creates a blank palette to show off wonderful necklaces, cuff bracelets or just a pretty face."

These tips and reasons were very helpful to me so I wanted to share them with you. Hope they persuade you to buy a turtleneck sweater for this fall. I plan to see many girls this fall wearing turtleneck sweaters. Including myself. Find out more Fall Fashion next time...