Friday, September 12, 2008

Does purple go with fall???

Apparently yes! I have always associated fall favorites to be yellow, orange, red and gold but never purple. The latest comeback in fashion is jewel tones among which purple is the biggie.
Over the past few days I’ve been trying to find lovely purple clothing and accessories. Little did I know that I would run into a problem…it was not finding few good purple collections but having to select from a million! I should have realized this problem long before I started to search the web because I’ve seen so many people on campus, including guys, wearing purple clothing and accessories with different patterns.
About three years back, my dad had got a lovely rectangular frame purple handbag for my mom from one of the stores at Michigan Avenue, Chicago. As it was an expensive bag, my mom used it only during important occasions but I took it along with me once in a while as I loved the simple yet elegant look. To go along with the bag I have found some other collections (that you might be interested in to take a look at). I found a purple Relativity Women's Lantern Sleeve Tunic at
Bergner’s for $34.00. The dress looks comfy and also sophisticated with simple ruffles and frills. This tunic will go well with Kohl’s $89.00 - Sterling Silver Amethyst Boxed Set. With one amethyst stone on a silver chain, the necklace will offer little distraction to the Madison Marcus Heaven Belted Dress from Basic boutique. Although this dress is expensive ($328.00), you can wear it along with Forever 21’s $24.80 - Metallic Twist Peep Toe Stiletto to complete the look. Or you can replace the dress for a Democracy Stretch Satin Dress with Contrast Straps and Waist from Macy’s which is $118.99 and has a similar black belt like the Madison Marcus dress.
With all these options I’m ready for some serious shopping this weekend. Anyways, before you flee to the mall, look at what Samantha Critchell of
Seattlepi has to say, Purple is easier to wear than you think. Fashionistas say dark purple is practically a neutral -- and just about any purple, even a flashy violet, goes with the standby colors of black and gray. Purple also is a color that can be worn boldly on a sweater or coat, or more subtly on a scarf or a shoe -- and still have a noticeable impact.”
Have a wonderful time shopping for Purple collections and don't forget to show them-off to the world. Winter color trends coming up soon....