Friday, September 12, 2008

Don't have a belt...

Well its time to buy one. As you might have noticed around the campus and elsewhere, belts seem to be dominating. Any outfit that you chose to wear gets upgraded by a simple solid belt or something fashionable.
Just a few months back, I bought a black shirt to go along with a tan/black patterned skirt. The shirt did not go very well with the skirt as it was very plain. To make it look a little bit better, I added a black, medium sized belt. The result I got was stunning. The look didn’t cost me much but people would have assumed it did!
Here are some tips: If you have a long shirt that begs for attention try to add a belt. If you love wearing jewelry, try to match the buckle with the jewelry. If you just don’t think you are creative, try buying outfits which have belts.
At JC Penny, you can find the Bisou Bisou® Belted Shirred Top ($21.99) with a black medium sized belt. The belt makes a bold statement by bring attention to the waist. This can go with a formal pant or with jeans while giving you a comfy feeling. . For all those who want to continue wearing dresses during the cold weather, you can check out the Beige Elastic Belt Dresses - $175.00 from eDressme NewYork. This dress can be worn with tights when it is cold or just by itself. The belts again make a bold statement and try to co-ordinate the belt & shoe color. It makes you look a lot more elegant! As winter is just around the corner, you might be planning to buy new jackets. There are a lot of designer jackets with beautiful belts in the market but would not be ideal for people with a tight budget. To overcome this problem and still have a belted jacket, look at the Safari Jacket from Forever 21s. It costs only $24.00 but still has a stylish look. The belt not only livens up the look but also keeps you snug amidst those harsh winds. And for all of you that are looking for some business casual looks, check out the Alfani Belted Scoop-Neck Sheath Dress - $109.00 from Macy’s (you are sure to get a job offer in that).
Well with all these options, you must be busy deciding on what type of belted clothing you want to buy. But keep in mind that you might have to follow these rules from Noubikko before making you're decision:
- Wear belts, both wide and narrow, only if your figure allows.
- Decorative buckles are good (glitz or detail to belts) only if you have a small waist
- If you're short-waisted, large belts will make you look ever shorter.
- Match your belt color to your top it you're short-waisted.
- Match your belt color to your bottom if you're long-waisted.
- Note: Shirt over belt can hide a thick or short waist. It creates a good silhouette of your body and can make an outfit flow in your waist.
And remeber what the experts from Noubikko have to say about the belts, "Belts can transform your outfit into a flattering ensemble. The accent of a belt sometimes acts as a focal point of an outfit. Belt can carry you through the four seasons."
Have fun with belts...until next time...

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