Monday, September 22, 2008

Are you all set…if not let me help you

Yesterday was summer today it is autumn…so are you ready now for some changes that come with fall (not just with the leaves falling and temperature but I mean you and your looks)?

Today, while I was doing my routine of checking out the magazine racks at my dorm after English class, I stumbled upon the latest issue of Ok. As I love reading the latest on celebrities I grabbed the issue quickly and I headed for my room. Soon after I reached my room I started to freak about my math exam that I totally forgot about the magazine…until now when I came across “Top 10 Trends for the Fall”. I was so excited when I looked at pictures and promptly decided that this was to be my topic for this week!

Most of you might have known about some fall trends by viewing my fellow bloggers and my entries. But not all of them were covered so I’ll give a quick overview on what you absolutely need over the next three months.

For all the boot’s lovers…the cutout booties are a big thing for this season. With 7-inch high to platform heels, they are a temptation to everybody! You can find cheap ones at Go Jane or high-end booties at L.A.M.B.

Necklace that are hardly ½ inch are totally out of fashion. “The bigger the better” motto has to be used when purchasing them. You can find any kind from almost all stores for a wide range of prices and styles.

Were you lead to believe that only birds had feathers…well that’s wrong! Because feathers are a big part of what you wear in today’s world. Whether you have some on your shoes, jewelry, headbands or even you’re dress…it adds a fluffy look to a boring/plain outfit. Check out the Feather dress from Mango…and decide if that’s your look for this fall!

One of the things that I already informed you was the fall color…purple. For more insight on Purple trends check out Does Purple go with fall?

Floral, Plaid or Lace…no matter where you place them it creates a stunning look. If you already like the slight touches/patterns to your fabric be sure to look at other outfits/accessories from Nine West, Fred Flare and Macy's. To most of our audience who are college students…go for simple yet elegant looks for the fall that can be worn to lectures or even to an interview. The striped blazer from Tommy Hilfiger not only incorporates the plaid pattern but also gives the “can be worn at anytime & anywhere” look.

Another trend for the fall is something that all of you might have looked at sometime. It’s a handbag…well not just a handbag (cause that would be dumb) but a chain handbag. If you like to go with an a-frame or a tote like bag with sparkling jewels or just plain solid colors…be sure to add the chain links. Cause that upgrades your bag to a new level!

Last but not the least…something we all know and love and are sure to have at least one in the closet…stilettos! Yep, they are in fashion now (like they have never been…duh). Be sure to show off your old stilettos or new ones that look like the ones at Yves Saint Laurent.

With all these options for fall…you must be craving to buy something new. So I’m not going to put you off any longer…ENJOY your “Christmas in fall” shopping (just kidding…save some $$$ for Christmas as we’ll give you more shopping info)!

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