Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Polka dot, Argyle, Plaid...OH MY!

Patterns are everywhere and on everything! From sweaters and vests, to scarves and bags. What more can we say about patterns, they are fun and they definitely add style to a "blah" outfit. Around campus I see a lot of plaid and argyle on sweaters and book bags. I myself have an argyle sweater that I bought about 3 years ago that I can finally pull out of my closet and wear this fall! You mostly find argyle on knit sweaters or scarves, and they come in all colors. You name any color and they will have it in argyle! Another pattern that we use to see all the time on mini skirts was plaid!

Plaid is back and not only on school uniforms! Plaid has moved from being on skirts to patterns on bags and fall jackets. Plaid is a pattern you have to be careful with though, it is not always the most flattering thing to wear. But don't worry I have done some research and have found some clothing stores you can find some very cute plaid jackets. One store that just received new arrivals was Forever 21. If you don't have a Forever 21 near you, you can always go to Macy's Junior Section they have all types of plaid for only $30.   If you are into designer names Burberry is the way to go! They have their signature plaid and you can't go wrong with that.

The last pattern you are seeing everywhere is polka dots.  Polka dots on dresses, especially in black and white, will be seen mostly on dresses.  And to draw more attention to your outfit, there are different artful variations that could work.  For example, buying dresses with ruffles, bows with a bright color, or finish it off with a belt.  Forever 21 has polka dresses for $22 what a bargain! 

Now girls go out and don't be afraid to get yourselves a little patterned outfits.  New fashion trends next time...

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