Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wanna look your best...

Well now is the time! Over the past few weeks you have been informed on the latest trends to make you look best. But with so many selections to choose from, it’s hard to stick with one and still bring out your personality! To help with that I found an article from Ok magazine in the latest issues. One of the well known stylist's - Tim Gunn has given five tips on how you can make your wardrobe look fabulous by finding what suits you. It is important to look like you as anything you do or wear makes a statement to others on what you like best.

One of the first tips is to dress according to the occasion. Although this sounds really dumb it’s something that every person makes a mistake on at some point in time! College students run into this problem every time. As there is so much to do during a given day, it’s crucial to dress accordingly. Students love to wear sweatpants and shirts to class but that is not an acceptable dress for a job fair/interview. To make sure that you go to class not dressed up, wearing a nice dark colored or khaki pant is the way to go. You can co-ordinate that with a plain colored blouse or a nice solid/slightly patterned sweater. This outfit known as “business formal” is pleasing to the employee’s eyes and it doesn’t really set you apart in you Chemistry lecture! If you to go for a party soon after a class, try to wear a simple yet elegant dress that allows you to be comfortable in class. You can dress you outfit with accessories on the way to the party!

Don't be a sales junkie! 15% - 50% off on everything…early bird sale ends at noon today…although they statements capture our eyes, it’s not sensible to buy something that doesn’t work well with your body for a lesser price. I’ve run into the problem so many times. There are times when I do get lovely clothing and accessories for an affordable price but there are other times when I do an “impulse purchase” and then regret that I wasted $30.00 on a dress that doesn’t fit me. Try to make sure you’re purchase is something that you would wear. If it’s not then invest on something that you’ll wear often…that you be worth the price you pay!

Invest in the little bright dress (LBD)…this is something that I need to heed to. I love black dresses. For any event I try to go with black because it is so elegant. But guess what “black = boring”. You may not like this very much and neither did I when I first came across this! But it does make a point…it’s important to have dresses in different colors and not be like you are gothic! Go to a shop and pick out colors that you like…then choose brighter tones of the same color. By doing this you not only have something that fits well in your wardrobe but also something that makes you different and unique from others.

Transform yourself. Change is something that no one likes. Although it may sound interesting and exciting at first, it wears off when you start facing reality! You may be a person who prefers darker clothing but try something new by getting a pink outfit instead of a red. If you think that you are going to mess up while picking something that you usually don’t wear, call your friends/family and ask their input on what looks best on you. This will build up your confidence!

Rework your wardrobe…finally. With all that’s said above, its important to make some changes to your boring wardrobe. Check out these collections and decide if you want to have some - Forever 21 has a comfy top that can be worn to chemistry labs or to a job interview. How about the bright aqua dress from Bergners which is on sale (and not a junk) that you can wear to the near party? Victoria's secret has some wonderful dress collections that you can wear anywhere!
With all this is mind...now is the time for you to show the world who you are...!!!

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